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Beautiful and dangerous

 - Eliseo  Oliveras Steampunk heroines portraits from the Steampunk Fair (Barcelona,Spain) on September 2014 36 Imágenes

Correfoc / Dance with fire

 - Eliseo  Oliveras Correfoc (Dance with fire) from Poble Nou, a popular neighborhood of Barcelona (Spain) 17 Imágenes

Catalonia, Setember 11, 2014

 - Eliseo  Oliveras Demonstration in Barcelona for the right of the Catalans to decide their own future 18 Imágenes

Carnival in Venice

 - Eliseo  Oliveras Photos and portraits of the people in the Carnival of Venice (Italy). © Eliseo Oliveras 27 Imágenes

Brussels on the skin

 - Eliseo  Oliveras Photos of the people and the streets from Brussels (Belgium) © Eliseo Oliveras 60 Imágenes